Senior Staff Accountant

Learein Roma

Lea is a BS Accountancy graduate from the University of Mindanao-Tagum. During the challenging times of the pandemic, Lea didn't let the difficult circumstances hold her back. She dove into the world of QuickBooks bookkeeping, gaining valuable experience over the course of two years. Her commitment to self-improvement is evident in her pursuit of knowledge, whether it's through reading books, self-study sessions for piano, or solving intricate puzzle games. She is currently undertaking the CMA certification, a testament to her determination to advance her career and provide the highest level of expertise to her clients and colleagues. I have no doubt that Lea will pass her CMA and continue to be a great asset to our team over the next several years. Lea has a great work ethic, excellent communication skills, and outstanding accounting knowledge that continues to excel her forward in the industry. Please welcome Lea to our team!

Staff Accountant

Hayden Hargreaves

Many of you may already know him, he is soon heading off to college, and our oldest son who was seeking a way to earn money in support of his love of cars and computers. He has been helping with the business since the summer of 2021and I am ever so grateful for the work he puts in. His efficiency, detail assertiveness and work ethic have been a huge asset to our clients and our business. Hayden has demonstrated a vast interest in the information technology world and has created an entire network for the business and continues to help with all our technical issues as they arise. Hayden is currently a senior in High School and has been attending West Mec on a certification program in IT coding. He is the Vice President of CTSO at West Mec. He is looking forward to the challenges that come in his last year at West Mec and his new role as VP. We wish him all the best!! Please welcome Hayden to Bottom Line Business Solutions and we hope you enjoy him as much as we do and that you get the chance to work with him!

Part-Time Accountant

Austin Hargreaves

Austin, our youngest son has been assisting with the daily bookkeeping since the summer of 2022. Austin is a sophomore in high school and helps as often as his schedule permits. Austin spends most of his time in the pool, swimming for the Surprise Storm and Paradise Honors High School teams. Austin has won multiple state championships in Arizona and has begun traveling over the last year for sectional meets throughout the United States.  When he isn’t swimming, he spends most of his time in the gym, playing video games, and enjoying time with his family and friends. Austin has big dreams when it comes to his love for swimming and later on in life, he hopes to have a successful career in Finance.  Welcome to our team Austin!